3 instruments that will help your child’s development


In the competitive society that your children are born into today, academic success as the main measure of a child’s capabilities  seems to be obsolete. Apart from doing well in school, it is also important for children to find healthy ways to relieve their stress, and develop hobbies they may potentially want to pursue further. Hence, this article will tell you more about 3 instruments that will help with your child’s development. 

1. Piano/keyboard

Learning the Piano or keyboard often forms the basis of learning to play a musical instrument. This is because it encompasses all elements of music, namely dynamics, melody, rhythm and harmony. It is the classic of all musical instruments and thus serves as a stepping stone for children if they want to move on to other musical instruments in the future. 

2. Guitar

The guitar is also one of the most popular musical instruments parents often want their children to learn. Similar to the piano, the guitar is also great as a foundational instrument for children when they step foot into the musical world. The guitar is also effective in teaching children the manual dexterity that will benefit them when they play other musical instruments. 

3. Drum 

There is nothing as effective as learning how to play the drum that teaches children a sense of rhythm. It is also an effective way for hyper-energetic children to express their energy in a healthy manner. 

With this, here is  a list of some of the well known music schools in Singapore, so that you can compare their prices before deciding on which music school to send your child to. While hiring a private tutor may also be an option for you, unless you have your friends and relatives you introduce credible music tutors, it may be better for you to send your child to a certified music school that your have a professional system in place to guide your child.  

Music SchoolCost  (trial class)
Yamaha music school$32.10
Ossia music school$0

Some of these schools also specialise in early childhood lessons for children under the age of 6, such as Kindermusik and Our Music Studio.Studio. In such music schools, teachers lead children through music that is developmentally appropriate and conduct interactive activities to engage toddlers. Hence, if you want your child to be able to play a music instrument, make sure you do your research and settle on the musical instrument and school that is best suited for your child. 

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