4 Money Saving Tips for Pregnant Mummies


For most women, pregnancy is a rollercoaster ride of emotions. You will experience joy but at the sickness and discomfort at times. Thinking about your little one will make you smile – who will he or she grow up to be, how will they look like or behave? At the same time, you will be haunted with the worries of parental and pregnancy care – How can we provide the best for our baby? How much will the expenses add up to?

Without a doubt, there are many hidden expenses that come with pregnancy. Some expenses, such as medical and insurance, are necessary, however there are also multiple ways you can save money as a mother! Worry not, here we have four simple, yet effective money-saving strategies mothers can utilize to

Have More Control Over Medical Expenses?

When you prepare to settle down and have kids, assess the coverage to decide which medical plan is best for you. You also must find out whether the medical program provides healthy pregnancy services that could accommodate specific maternal requirements, such as special teeth cleaning or medications related to pregnancy. Make sure you choose an OB / GYN or midwife and doctor that is in the area of your residence. Search as well to see if your insurer provides online tools to predict the labour and delivery expenses better. Scratching your head to figure out these expenses? Click here if you’d like accurate estimates from our team.

Save on Maternity Clothes

You will get excited ta the thought of new clothes, who wouldn’t? However, there is no need to purchase everything and anything! Maternity clothes can be easily found at places such as Carousell for much better value. You can also ask other mothers to lend you their clothes as in most cases, they’ll be happy to let you use their maternity if they don’t need them anymore.

Save Money on Cravings

You will experience an increased rate of cravings. For some, it is the typical craving for pickles or ice-creams. Others may enjoy eggplants, ice-chips, or steaks and chocolate. Stocking up on the food that you always need can discourage costly, uncomfortable and time-consuming trips to the supermarket at midnight. You might want to try Redmart as they’ll deliver to your home and often offer lower prices!

Dodge the Desire of Purchasing Everything

Every parent wants the best for their child – this will be you too! You will want your child to enjoy the best of everything. It is an understandable desire; however, that doesn’t really help with saving money. Impulse purchases before the baby is born may not be the wisest decision – some items are only used by the child at an older age, therefore it would be smart to wait for sales such as 11.11!

Final Words

It is extremely difficult to save money on your precious baby, thus making pregnancy such an expensive endeavor. Our best advise to you would be to budget, budget and budget! Planning your spending on essential expenses and prioritizing them can help you save here and there on small items, which eventually add up!

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