5 Pregnancy Truths for First-Time Mamma?s


We often hear that pregnancy is a very exciting time period in every woman’s life. There is no doubt that it is a memorable time but there are also some awkward things that no one tells you, especially if you are going to conceive for the very first time. Today, I am going to discuss the top 5 pregnancy truth for the first time moms. Have a look!

  • Morning Sickness is not Mandatory

As everyone?s body reacts differently to pregnancy and every pregnancy is completely opposite to other. So suffering from morning sickness is not necessary.  There is no need to worry at all if you feel just fine. You don?t need to have morning sickness to have ahealthy baby. Having a healthy baby without suffering from morning sickness is also possible. Just relax and be calm!!!

  •  Uncomfortable Sensations Throughout the Whole Pregnancy

During pregnancy, you will feel a lot of crampsand pains or uncomfortable sensations throughout your pregnancy and it is more than likely it?s totally normal. As your body is growing, stretching and changing to accommodate your baby. At this point of time, feeling some discomfort is to be expected. If you feel anything extreme or if your pain is accompanied by blood, you should contact your gynecologists; otherwise, it?s probably not something to get too worried about.

  • Your Weight Gain will Most likely be unpredictable!

Your weight gain pattern has been anything besides typical. You may gain a lot of weight suddenly in one trimesteror it will be slow down significantly in the next trimester or increased again. It shows that a baby has been growing normally which goes to show that your body really does know what it?s doing.

  • Knowledge is Power, and Sometimes Fear

Undoubtedly, today?s technological advancements play an important role in our day-to-day life and modern medicine are wonderful and horrible all at once. Getting knowledge from blogs and people?spersonal stories of pregnancy, it is good to take advice from a knowledgeable, scientific source.

  • Expect the Unexpected and Set the Bar Low

According to the research, it has been found that going into pregnancy with low expectations is the best way to enjoy the experience as a whole. If you go into this amazing experience with low expectations than you will enjoy the process tremendously!

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