A Complete Guide to Baby Massage


Motherhood is a wonderful blessing. It is a million small moments that weaves together with grace, redemption, laughter, tears and most of all love. Today we are talking about the baby touch which symbolizes many things.


There is a certain kind of power in touch that babies leverage to communicate and interact with the world. Baby massage is the best way to give you a warm touch to your baby which helps you to soothe, calm, and strengthen your little one. Moreover, massage helps you have a strong positive interaction with your newborn baby and nurture the parent-child bond.


At a very initial stage, maybe your baby doesn’t like massage, but soon your bundle of joy will like it. Here are some methods of baby massage that you will definitely know before proceeding with it. 

  • Firstly, sit soft carpeted floor or on a bed with a towel in front of you. You can also place a towel on a table to massage your baby while you stand. The towel helps you to an absorb excess oil.

  • As babies feel warm quickly and tend to become cranky so it is good to maintain comfortable room temperature. During winters, make sure that the room is warm and during summers ensure there is sufficient circulation of cool and fresh air in the room.

  • Choose a  baby massage oil that is specifically made for newborns. Select unscented oils, with natural fragrances and no added perfumes.

  • Now it?s time to undress your baby. You can ditch the diaper. A little air time will even be beneficial for baby?s bum if your little one has a diaper rash or heat rash. Just be sure to slide a towel if they are diaper-free. The pre-fold inserts for cloth diapers work very well in this situation.

Methods of doing Baby Massage:


If you are not a qualified massage therapist then it is good to use long strokes, open palms, clockwise circles. It is good to avoid pinching poking or any deep tissue work while massaging a baby.


When you are going to give a head massage to your baby at that point of time, just do circles with your open palms on your baby head. Gently touch your baby, avoid pinching as your baby skin is very soft and delicate. 

Arms and legs

Gently massage baby?s arms and legs. Just wrap your whole hand around your baby?s limbs and massage them all the way along their arms and legs. Giving a good massage to your baby?s helps them to crawl fast.


Hands and feet

Rubbing palms of the hands and soles of the feet gently and quickly as it will increase the blood circulation of your baby.


Usually, people give a tummy massage to their baby?s in a wrong way which leads to different health issues like digestion problem or a gastric problem and so on. It is advisable to do gentle clockwise circles on the tummy as it will help in digestion and release emotions.

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