Essential Guide to Travelling with a Baby


Your holidays will never be quite the same once you have a baby on board. For a start, expect your luggage to double in quantity. You?ll probably also care less about taking that perfect shot at just the right angle. However, do not let these reasons stop you from bringing your baby along on your globetrotting adventures. Here are some ways you could be travelling with a baby and yet still be chill.

Book your flight seat at a row with bassinet connections

This is especially important if you are taking a long-haul flight. Having the bassinet in front of you gives you the option to place your baby down after he or she sleeps so that you can afford some eye-shut too. It also serves as a diaper-changing station. What’s more, these rows offer more leg room.

Take a night flight

If you have a flight that is at least about five hours long, taking a night flight is almost a guarantee that your baby will be sleeping at least most of it. This way, you wouldn?t have to fuss over your baby excessively, and might even be able to enjoy some me-time and supper.

Bring a baby sling or carrier

Imagine pushing a pram along Italy?s cobbled streets or taking a train in a crowded city like Hong Kong where prams are more a liability than asset. At these places, you’ll wish your baby is sitting snug in a baby sling or carrier so you that you?ll have one less thing to manoeuvre.

Inform the hotel beforehand

This will allow the staff to prepare your room before you arrive. Be sure to request for a baby cot so that you can place your baby down to rest or sleep the minute you step through the door. Often, hotels will prepare a baby pack filled with peripherals like baby wash and shampoo to make your stay a more pleasant one too.

Always pack more than you need

Whether it is formula milk, diapers, wet wipes, milk bottles, hand sanitizer or fresh sets of clothes, always pack more than you think is necessary. When your baby is travelling, his or her routine is disturbed. This means that more rounds of feeds might be needed to calm him or her, which results in frequent diaper changes. And if a diaper overflows, you’ll be relieved to know that you have another set of clothes for your baby to change into. The last thing you’ll want is to dash out to stores to buy a bag of diapers. And who knows how much that would cost!

Bring items that will put your baby to sleep

Does your baby have a bolster, plush toy or pacifier that he or she must absolutely go to sleep with? If so, be sure to bring it along. If possible, bring a spare one in case it gets dirty or lost while you are on the road. Don?t let a tired baby ruin your holiday mood.

Dress your baby in clothes that allow for easy changing

When you are travelling, you’ll really want to be as fuss-free as possible. So go for a wardrobe that favours convenience over style. That jumpsuit may look smart, but if it is difficult to remove to slip your baby into clean diapers, you should probably give that a miss.

Pack medication and a thermometer

It is so easy for your baby to catch a virus when you are on the road. This is why you should always keep a thermometer and some medication in your luggage. You’ll be glad you did should your baby fall sick in the middle of the night.

Feed your baby even when he or she is not hungry

A hungry baby is also an angry baby. Do not wait till your baby acts up before you figure that it is feeding time. Prevent unnecessary meltdowns by feeding your baby in between main meals.

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