Piano exams for your child – How much will it cost you?


Many parents send their kids to music lessons from a very young age to help develop coordination, equilibrium, attention, and intellectual abilities. In Singapore, piano lessons are a very popular choice. However, these lessons aren’t cheap! Keep reading to find out exactly how much you would be spending to have your child learn the piano.

Piano lesson rates

Lessons for beginners would cost approximately $130 for 4 x 30 minute lessons each month. Private 1-on-1 lessons could cost up to $100 more at $230 per month! Although, private, 1-on-1 classes would be on the higher end of the price range, it could be worth looking into if your child is having problems keeping up with the class or is ahead of the class.

Piano practical exam fees

GradePractical exam fee

Although it is not necessary to take piano exams, many parents would want their child to do so, as it could provide their child with sought-after skill that can help generate income in the later years.

Buying a piano

This would be one of the heavier, up-front costs of having your child take piano lessons as your child would have to be able to practice at home.

Here are the prices of some popular entry-level models.

  • Kawai K300 acoustic upright piano – $7,440 to $9,870
  • Yamaha YU1 acoustic upright piano – $12,000
  • Casio CDP-S150 digital piano – $899
  • Roland FP-10 digital piano – $699

Pianos aren’t cheap, especially since you would probably have to upgrade the piano your child is practicing on as he or she graduates to a higher and higher grade. It may be worth your while to look into second hand options where you could get a great deal at a steep discount!

After learning about the costs that goes into having your child take on piano lessons, what do you think? Would it be a worth while investment?

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