Support Groups in Singapore for First-Time Parents


You two are not the only people going through the tribulations of first-time parenthood. You may find it more of an effort to maintain your relationships with your social circles who are not busy attending to a newborn and have different priorities. Here are platforms that link you up with other parents in the same life phase that you are, to share in your struggles, triumphs, tricks and other lobang.

Mother & Child

This is one of the oldest and most established support groups for mothers in Singapore. They arrange prenatal and postnatal courses as well as certifiable courses on first aid and CPR. Be treated to not only a culture of embrace and openness but added bonuses like yoga classes and massages.

Anrecent virtual event held by the group to support expectant couples with questions on their pregnancy and childbirth.

Singapore Motherhood Forum

The first years of your child are going to be a whirlwind. They’ll be walking, singing and solving problem sums before you even know it. From your child’s first school enrolment to their questions about their physical development, this page will link you up to parents through all the stages. This online thread has discussion groups for each year your child is born. This way of categorising the users will keep the relevant topics easy to locate and participate in.

East Coast Mums’ Support Group

Those mummies residing in the East, we have a plan for you. The group boasts a strong 12,000 member count that’s waiting to expand with your enrolment. Rest assured you will learn a lot from these mothers in their different walks with their children.


Working Moms Support Group

A father is not expected to put his career on hold to take on domestic roles at home, neither should a mother. Mom will eventually want to get back to climbing that corporate ladder and this group is a network of mothers to provide you with the practical support you need.

Singapore Tuition Community

You cannot spell Singapore without ‘tuition’. It may give you peace of mind knowing your child’s learning is being supplemented as they can sometimes miss out on concepts they’ve learnt in the classroom. This page is a database of independent tutors and tutees looking for a match. This system of scouting bypasses the tuition agency that often charges the user a higher fee due to commission charges.

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