The Best Maternity Insurance Coverage 2020


Your pregnancy journey – from conception to delivery, will have its expenses. It is highly recommended that you secure your future with the best maternity insurance packages in Singapore. It will cover the essential costs of your healthcare and provide you and the rest of the family with restful assurance of support throughout your pregnancy.

  • AIA’s Mum2Baby Choices
The 6 Best Maternity Insurance in Singapore [2020]

This package has remained AIA’s most highly demanded because of the extensive coverage it provides you and the baby. It covers you and your child from as early as the 13th week of pregnancy and can be extended for your lives-long. Coverage includes: pregnancy complications, hospitalisation bills, medical negligence and more.

  • Great Eastern Flexi Maternity Cover
Maternity Insurance: NTUC Maternity 360 plan VS GE Flexi Maternity plan -  The New Savvy

With an affordable one-time premium, this package is a great option for parents whom wish for peace of mind without burning a hole in the wallet. This standalone maternity plan is a budget-friendly alternative that can serve as a foundational piece of security. It may not have full coverage but it is comprehensive enough to include 8 pregnancy complications and 18 congenital illnesses for the baby. Hospital care benefits include up to S$200 per day for up to 30 days.

  • AXA Mum Advantage Maternity Insurance
AXA Maternity Insurance

AXA offers two types of plans: the Mum Care Plan which covers your baby for up to 3 years and the Mum Care Plus for 6 years.

Both options start protecting you from the 16th week of pregnancy and offer the same benefits. The primary difference is the amount and duration of coverage that the two plans offer. For pregnancy complications and child congenital diseases, MumCare protects with up to S$5,000 while MumCare Plus goes up to S$12,000. There is also the added bonus of an investment vehicle that the plans offer that can serve as a savings fund for your child’s future.

  • NTUC Income Maternity 360
NTUC Income Maternity 360

A highly affordable insurance plan, the NTUC Income Maternity 360 is a one-time premium coverage. This assures you basic mother and child coverage that starts as early as 13 weeks into your pregnancy and will keep you protected until he or she is 3 years old. There is an added bonus of outpatient phototherapy benefits – a unique feature of a maternity insurance plan.

  • OCBC Max Maternity Care
OCBC Max Maternity Care

This unique plan is tailored for and exclusively offered to their bank customers aged 17 to 44 years old. On top of the basic coverage benefits, the plan offers you a bonus S$108 premium vouchers you can use to offset the first year’s premium if you upgrade to a lifelong plan.

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