Top 5 Surprising Items Your Pregnancy Insurance May Cover


As our relatives and friends start having children, we learn more about pregnancy and all the amazing items that are covered by insurance.

Giving birth at NUH? Hire professional midwives listed on your insurance.

Wanting to attend prenatal baby prep classes? Insurance!

Your baby has gas? Why not check in with an osteopath? This is also on your insurance!

Do you require a lactation consultant? Use your insurance too! There seemed to be no end to the perks associated with this whole insurance thing.

As a mum-to-be, you will learn that there are many perks associated to having a pre- and post-natal insurance. In fact, anything an obstetrician/ gynaecologist or physician deems medically necessary is likely covered.

Here are top 5 items you probably do not know is covered in a pre- and post-natal insurance.

#1 Doulas

A doula is someone who physically and emotionally helps a woman through the birth experience. This may include helping to create a birth plan, coaching during the actual labour or working through postpartum issues. Fees typically range between S$800 and S$1,500 for a professionally-certified doula.

#2 Breast pumps

While breast pumps are a convenience for many, they are necessary for some. Those who struggle with direct latching or have to return to work early on might check to see if their insurance will cover it. If your doctor prescribes one, there?s a good chance of reimbursement.

#3 Antenatal classes

Many women credit their easy labours and postnatal transitions to birthing classes. In Singapore, you have your choice of many birthing styles like hypnobirthing, active birthing and the Bradley Method. Especially if you are a first-time mum, you?ll stand to benefit a lot from these classes as you prepare yourself mentally and physically for the arrival of your newborn. Your hospital is likely to conduct some form of antenatal classes. A check on the Internet will also provide you with a wide range of classes to choose from. Cross check with your insurance company and then prepare to submit those receipts!

#4 Gym memberships, pilates and yoga

Did you know that your insurance may already cover these items? Twenty percent of companies offered gym membership cost reduction as a benefit, according to an employee benefits survey done in 2016. Thirteen percent offered benefit towards yoga and meditation. Almost half of all corporate plans offered some sort of wellness benefit, so it?s worth checking what your plan includes. But before embarking on these exercises, speak with your obstetrician/ gynaecologist first.

#5 Compression socks and other similar items

Items like compression socks can help pregnant women combat edema. Pregnant mothers can expect relieve from aches and swells as compression socks promote better blood circulation. Tap on your insurance if your doctor recommends that you use them during pregnancy.

Is your item not on this list? Every policy is different. It?s worth a call to a professional. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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