Top 5 Tips for Bathing your Newborn Baby


Undoubtedly, bathing your newborn baby can certainly be intimidating as babies are wiggly and slippery. Moreover, getting the bath water to just the right temperature is very tricky. There are numerous questions that arise in new mom?s mind when it comes to bathing their newborn babies such as how much shampoo do I need to use? How can I get my baby to stop crying in the bath? If you are also facing such kind of situation then there is no need to worry at all as here I am going to enlist top 5 tips for bathing your newborn. Just have a look!

  • Timing is Everything

It?s good to pick a “sweet spot” time of the day especially when your baby is not hungry and he or she is well-rested. Avoid bathing right after eating because they might spit up. Once you find the right time that works for you, turning it into a routine can be comforting for baby and even ease her off to dreamland. Right before bedtime has always been a perfect time as it helps the baby feel drowsy and ready to settle down to sleep.

  • Wash Baby Toe-to-head, Not Head-to-toe

After selecting a proper time, check the temperature of the water. It should neither be too cold nor too hot. It should be warm or cozy. Now hold your baby and wash their entire body first, saving their head for last. If you bath their head first, then they can get quite cold and uncomfortable while you wash the rest of their body.

  • Go Tear-Free

Baby’s skin is very soft and gentle or they don’t need a lot of soap. But you can use a bit on their bottoms and, if they have any hair then a little shampoo on their hair but be very careful while selecting your baby?s skincare products, make sure you?re selecting shampoos and baby washes that are tear-free and as gentle as possible.

  •  Wash Gently Instead of Rubbing

Don?t forget the technique of bathing your newborn baby as it is equally important. There?s no need to rub their skin vigorously to help get it clean as warm water dissolves a lot of sweat and dirt by itself. Simply use any light foam baby product with some water and rub over your baby in gentle, circular motions.

  • Use a Bath Mat

Using ababy bath mat is a wise idea to avoid any kind of mishappening as a wet and soapy baby is a slippery baby. A bath pad or pillow is helpful for keeping your slippery baby in one spot; you can also line your tub or sink with a towel as it adds a bit of warmth and comfort.

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