Top 5 Tips To Prepare Your Child For Primary 1


School, homework, timetable are such things that a toddler never like. As a parent, it is your foremost duty to make the mind setup of your kid accordingly. As children are naughty and they often find an excuse for not attending the school. If you are also facing the same kind of situation where your child often gives an excuse to skip school then you are absolutely at the right place.

Here I am going to discuss the top 5 tips to prepare your child for primary 1. Just have a look!

  • Communication is Key

It is true that communication is the best method to reveal all the secrets of your child. So talk to your child about his expectations from school. According to the National University Hospital?s child development unit – your kid will feel more comfortable if he is aware, ahead of time, of the environment and routine. You should also encourage him to talk about his perceptions, feelings, and concerns about going to school.

  • Adjust to a New Routine

The popular English rhyme: ?Early to bed and early to rise makes and man healthy, wealthy and wise? is absolutely right as the proper amount of sleep and adequate nutrition are essential for your kid because he is in a growing stage. So get him to go to bed early and wake up early three to four weeks before the beginning of school. It helps you to adjust him to a new routine.

  • Explain Social Relationships

A school is a place where your child is going to interact with other people. It is a place where he will become social and learn social ethics. So it is good if you tell him about the changes in social relationships. For example, your child will make new friends in the primary 1 but it doesn?t mean that his friendship with old friends or preschool friends is over. It?s your duty to set up play dates with his pre-school classmates so that he can maintain the friendship.

  • Skills Training

There are various challenging situations that your child may face at school. So if you tell him that when, where and how to seek help when required then it would be very beneficial for him as It beat his fear.

  •  Let Him Be Independent

As a parent, you must teach them to take responsibility for their belongings ? let them be independent by managing their school bag, stationery, return and borrow their library books. It creates a sense of ownership over their work, belongings, and classrooms.

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